Frequently Asked Questions

Applying for a grant

I am a researcher in country xyz. Can I apply for a grant?

Yes, certainly you can apply. However, if in line with the local laws and compliance regulations the grants will only be paid to your employer or research institution. 

My project is related to the indication xyz, which is not exactly mentioned in your list of indications of interest. May I still apply for a grant?

Unfortunately, we have to restrict the grant awards to the indications of interest mentioned on our website. Projects that are not directly related to these indications have no chance for success.

What kind of information is requested for the grant application?

You will have to submit an abstract of up to 2,000 characters, summarizing your project. More detailed information (e.g. detailed project plan, references, publications, CVs, etc.) can be added as pdfs. Please note that only non-confidential information should be provided.

Do I need to provide a budget proposal?

No. A budget proposal is not required.

Can I apply for a Focus Grant directly?

Bayer will decide on its own discretion whether we will award a Support Grant or a Focus Grant for the project proposal.

How will I know that you have received my application?

After successfully submitting your proposal online, you will receive an automatic confirmation to the email address you provided, stating your submission ID and the title of your proposal. If you don't receive the confirmation email please 1. check your spam folder or 2. try again. In that case you have to assume that we might not have received your application.

Grant details

How long is the grant period?

The grant period is 12 months. We will ask you to provide an interim report after 6 months and a final report after 12 months.

If I receive a grant, how will the grant amount be paid?

If you are awarded a grant, you will receive a letter specifying all details on the grant conditions as well as how and where to send an invoice covering the grant amount. Upon Bayer’s receipt of a countersigned copy of the letter and of the invoice, the grant amount will be paid to the university or academic institution.

My university is usually asking for overhead costs. Will Bayer cover overhead costs as well?

The grant may solely be used to advance the research work outlined in the abstract submitted in your grant application. No overhead costs are allowed to be paid from the grant.


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