Novel solutions to increase crop productivity

At Bayer, we have a successful history of collaborating with external parties to deliver safe and innovative seed products to markets. We are interested in learning from you and partnering with you to sustain this innovation. Apply now for a grant and develop further some of your ideas towards products that will increase sustainable crop output to meet the demands of an ever growing population and changing environment.

Next submission deadline is November 15th 2019


What we are funding

Bayer offers you financial and scientific support to develop your ideas for novel traits, including gene editing targets, that will help to achieve higher yield and safety in crops as they face increasing pressure from weeds, insects, diseases, and unfavorable climate conditions.


We are looking for novel approaches and enabling technologies that could enable innovative traits in crops.

Traits that will increase yield via the improvement of specific components, under optimal growth conditions or abiotic stress conditions.

Solutions to lower insect and nematode damage.

Solutions to reduce fungal growth and symptoms.

Solutions to protect crops from commercial herbicides or decrease pressure from weeds.

Novel approaches to optimize gene or protein expression, activity and regulation such as

  • Promoter sequences, gene regulatory elements, novel ways to identify and validate them
  • Novel ways to optimize native crop genes
  • Novel ways to increase genetic diversity/variation in crops

Your benefits

Financial Support

There are two types of grants, that will be allocated by Bayer depending on the approach/trait described, the scientific data provided and the maturity of the proposal.

Support grants (€ 2,000 - € 10,000)*
For proposals that are at a very early stage of discovery.

Focus grants (€ 10,000 - € 50,000)*
For more advanced proposals to support promising research towards a fully validated crop improvement trait.

* The size of the individual grant will depend on the target specifics and the state of development and validation.


  • The decision on grant allocation is made at the sole and absolute discretion of Bayer.
  • The applicant will retain ownership of any intellectual property he or she develops.
  • Special conditions may apply for proprietary crop improvement traits or technologies.
Grants may be complemented by
Assisting Technologies

We can offer access to different technologies to assist in your solution validation, e.g. gene expression profiling, plant transformation or other state-of-the-art technologies. Please detail your research interest for the technology platforms in the online submission.

Further Collaboration

If the data submitted or generated under one of the Grants look very promising, we may provide the opportunity to extend the collaboration and leverage with you the potential of your proposal even further.

Application Process


Next submission deadline is currently not set

Applications are submitted via a simple electronic submission form requiring information details of your trait or enabling technology and its validation status. Confidential information should not be revealed at this stage.

6-8 Weeks after deadline

Your submission will be reviewed by senior scientists at Bayer's Division Crop Science. The decision on grant allocation and amount of funding is made dependent on the approach/trait described and research plan proposed. Bayer commits to review all proposals within 8 weeks following the submission deadline. Each applicant will receive the evaluation result by email.

8 weeks after deadline

Successful applicants will be notified by Bayer and will receive further instructions concerning the grant. A Bayer caretaker will be in contact with you during the grant period.


In the online submission form, please share with us the details of your approach and its crop improvement potential

Your submission (in English) should include:

A short description of your trait or enabling technology and its potential towards crop improvement.

Tested on agronomical relevant organism or model organisms with a clear associated phenotype.

Your proposal to assess trait/gene/protein activity in vitro or in vivo.

Please provide a research plan detailing the work planned in the coming year after successful application.

You can upload any further documents in the submission form.


Next submission deadline is November 15th 2019


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